1.Gaelic2.the Notting Hill Carnival 3.a village green 4.Jane Austen…

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1.Gaelic2.the Notting Hill Carnival 3.a village green 4.Jane Austen 5.Speaker's Corner 6.the Emerald Isle 7.the Chinese New Year 8.Independence Day 9.a bank holiday — A. a British writer B.a place in Hyde Park where any person can make a speech C.an official public holiday,not a Saturday or Sunday when banks and most businesses are closed D.an ethnic holiday celebrated in early February E.any of the Celtic languages still spoken in some parts of Scotland and Ireland F. the most important American public holiday when people celebrate the birthday of the USA G. a street carnival that takes place every August in London and involves people who came to London H. a city in the northwest of England I. an area of grass in the centre of an English village for the use of all the people who live there K. a name for Irland нужно соотнести буквы и цифры

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1-e2-g3-i4-a5-b6-k7-d8-f9- c

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